What can a coach do for me?


The coaching process really fascinating, as it firmly believes the client is holding the answers. The role of the coach is to facilitate new thinking, to create time and space that allows the client to think outside the box. Or, as I would say ”Never mind the box”:

Me, and my coaching questions guide the client to quality thinking. Something that might be hard to create on your own, as you are likely to get interrupted or don’t know where to take your thinking next from here.  When in a coaching session, it is one of the rare moments when you can think, and take your thinking to the next level. Without the support from a coach – or other qualified person  – the conversation doesn’t evolve beyond being a nice conversation.  The coach is trained in asking questions in a way to get the client to explore further, to question and to stretch beyond the comfort zone, to get the client to reflect and think new. Sometimes you need to dig deep to reach the core of the issue – like peeling an onion – sometimes you need to change perspective and look at the issue from a new angle. This new perspective can give the client valuable insights.

During the coaching session it is important to keep the right focus, not get stuck in the problem and the details  – but to focus on solutions and the strategy to reach the goal. The coaching is always aiming from where you are now towards where you want to be.

My role as a coach is to;

* Facilitate time and space for quality thinking 
* Create a positive and lasting change 
* Focus on the solution – not the problem
* View the issue from a new perspective
* Guide you to identify your own clear and visionary goals
* Ask questions so you move towards your goal – not provide the solution
* Keep the right level of focus
* Challenge you to stretch yourself
* Believe in everybody being unique and resourceful

Are you stuck in a rut and don’t know how to move on? Get in touch with me for a brief discussion to see what we could to together to improve your situation.