The Good Karma Coach

magnifying-glassI was coaching a small business owner a while ago, Penny. She came to me because she was frustrated that her business didn’t take off as she would like it to, in spite of all the hours she put in to it.

Penny decided our main focus in the coaching was to identify “Dream clients” and “Dream projects”. What difference having these clients would make, and what steps it would take to reach these dreams. And as so often before – the most important lesson for Penny was to decide what to focus on! Focus on focus!

A few sessions into the coaching programme Penny arrived to a session, very excited, and exclaimed:
“You know what, you should get yourself a new tag line! It should be the Good Karma Coach!”

“And why is that?” , I asked Penny.

“Well, ever since we started working together I have had so many new opportunities coming my way. Just the kind of clients I have been dreaming of! It is fabulous! They are the right size and having the speciality I’m looking for. It feels like a magic dust is sprinkled over me and great things are just happening without me having to do anything!”

Well, Penny may think it is all magic. I know it comes down to hard work. Identifying what is the right focus for you and keeping that. When you have the right focus, your brain is programmed to see the opportunities and you can catch them when they come your way.

If you could choose one thing to focus on this week that would make a difference for your business, what would it be? Please leave a comment! I’m looking forward hearing from you.