Team building and problem-solving is key to Susanne’s service and her clients have found that it works for them. These are just a sample of positive experiences and successful results which they are happy to share:

“As a former financial director, Susanne has an analytical mind and is able to cut through the complexities of situations and guide her client towards relevant and effective solutions.”

Lynda Rapo, Principal Rapport PR, May 15, 2013

“Susanne, being coached by you in my career planning gave me inspiration and truly helped me preparing for interviews. I have gained confidence and now feel well prepared. I have discovered new insights about my own abilities and experience, which have broadened the fields where to search for a job. It feels liberating and powerful. Many thanks for your help on my way towards a new job.”

Sara, Stockholm, 12 april 2013

“Susanne first started working with me last year, it was quite a revelation. One often hears about these business lifestyle coaches and become cynical, big mistake. From the very first meeting it was obvious that Susanne would be able to help me and guide me in finding my business focus and defining paths and objectives.
The real eye opener was the way in which Susanne made me define what I wanted and appreciate that I already had the ability to achieve my targets and then showed me how to organise my resources and skills to implement a carefully crafted plan.
Her patience in listening to my ramblings and insane dreams was a virtue, and her skill in turning those into viable ambitions quite remarkable.
Anyone who runs a business, either well or is struggling, would be well advised to talk to Susanne.”

Tim Weedon, Commercial and Corporate Resources LLP November 20, 2012

“Susanne is a person who is highly qualified and has a very caring and professional attitude towards her work.
She has been able to keep me focused on my goals and support me through many difficult business decisions.
I highly value her input and enjoyed working with her.
Thank you Susanne!”

Jackie Murphy, March 23, 2012

“Having been introduced to Susanne Blomberg at a business masterminding group in Kent, I engaged her services in 2011 to provide me with business coaching. Like many business owners, I needed some assistance with the juggling act of running a successful business, and from the first meeting, found Susanne’s personable attitude very positive and engaging. The service was very fruitful and Susanne has helped me make changes to the business that have taken it to a whole new level. I found it a very positive experience and would certainly recommend her to anyone that needs some coaching, whether it is on a personal level, for example enhancing business confidence, to more strategic decision-making matters.”

Kathy Carter, Sirenia Press Solutions, October 17, 2011

“I have been coached by Susanne during two coaching series, and I can highly recommend her. Susanne is dedicated, professional, demanding, non judgemental and energising.
For me, coaching has been invaluable both in my daily work but also in private life. Susanne has the ability to provide me with the tools I need to find my structure, energy and confidence. I have also learnt how to set goals, and what tools to use to achieve the goals. I have come to the insight that I can do so much more than I believed before, and that I deliver over my expectations when giving it a try.
It’s been incredibly fun and rewarding to be coached by Susanne, and I have always felt her unconditional support.”

Camilla Suneson, June 16, 2011

“I took a chance on Susanne’s coaching services and am very glad I did. In a short time Susanne managed to capture what makes me tick and what is good for me to focus on. Besides this, she also helped my confidence by making me hone in on the personal traits that are likely to be good and useful in my future professional life. Her coaching has been standing me in good stead and I can strongly recommend it.”

Pontus Lindgren, Operations Professional, May 10, 2011

“I hired Susanne to ascertain how we can achieve further, effective results in a more efficient manner. From day one Susanne added enormous value by asking the right questions and putting forward some useful suggestions. She has an intelligent insight to business and the challenges business owners face. I can’t tell you how impressed I was.
Those who know me well realise that I get easily turned off by “fluff”. Like us, Susanne operates in a very competitive field and with many having jumped on the ‘bandwagon’. Susanne is one of the few who genuinely has excellent business acumen whilst simply being herself – No “corporate” exterior nor trying hard to be heard!
If you’re serious about focus – hire Susanne. When? Now!”

John Coupland, @networkerplus Social Media, April 18, 2011

“Susanne is a professional with a real passion for her work. Highly Recommended”

Nigel Whittaker, PURE B2B, March 20, 2011

“Susanne demonstrated a fantastic attention to detail, keen observations and generous sharing of her learning. She had a caring presence towards others in the group, was reliable and shared a good sense of humour. Super attributes for a coach!”

Rachel Bamber, ICF PCC, Lead Trainer, Head of Assessments; NeuroLeadership Group UK, September 9, 2011

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the coaching experience, and perhaps entered into the process expecting to be given some answers, and be told how to do things. What I received from working with Susanne was better; I did find some answers and did work through new ways of approaching things, but I wasn’t given the answers and I wasn’t told what to do. Coaching with Susanne was like reflection in a mirror – I looked into the mirror, asked questions of myself, and consequently discovered that I held many answers myself. Susanne was able to ask the right questions and provide me with prompts at the right moment, facilitating different ways of thinking, challenging myself and my beliefs which helped me to make steps forward towards my objectives and goals.
As a coach, Susanne was completely non-judgemental and I felt I was able to trust her fully. She treated me, and anything we discussed as part of the coaching process, with respect and dignity, challenging thoughts and beliefs always in a positive, supportive and constructive manner. I experienced several light bulb moments of insight and personal clarity, which felt like releasing a ‘bottleneck’, which Susanne helped me find and for which I am thankful.”

Lucy, London, UK, April 26, 2011

“Susanne has the ability to listen beyond my words: she can capture the heart of it! Her warm and firm presence made me feel safe and relaxed and her powerful skills facilitated great insights.
I always felt very excited and motivated after the sessions, which enabled me to take action and handle every limitation. For sure, having Susanne as my coach encouraged me to go deer in myself and become more confident, authentic and engaged with life. I’m very grateful for that!”

Raquel J, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2010