Right focus generates success



There is lot of research on how our brain impacts our behavior, but also on how to use that knowledge to support us. We are using this knowledge about the brain when coaching to reach the goals and to obtain desired results.

There is a consensus in the research showing that having focus, and the right focus, is crucial for development and success.

1. Focus on no more than five things

The frontal lobe in the brain is the “working memory” of the brain – our conscious mind. New ideas or new behaviour need and use the working memory. It has capacity to hold three-five (some say up to seven) items at any given time. If you are exceeding that, you are risking that none of them will get enough attention.

2. Focus drives perception

When you focus on an issue, your brain will automatically – and unconsciously – keep an eye out for that. I think most of us can relate to this! When you have decided to buy a red car, all of a sudden you see red cars wherever you look. Use this knowledge in your business. Once you have decided on who are your dream customers – you will see these opportunities when they come your way, sometimes where you least expect it.

3. Focus reduces the stress level

When you have made up your mind on what’s not prioritized at the moment, this will take some of the pressure off. When you let go of these issues, you don’t need to waste time and energy on finding solutions – or when to find time for them. So by focusing you have the added benefit of reducing the stress level.

4. Focus on what is important

Focus is crucial, but equally important is having the right focus. Allow yourself time and space to analyse and evaluate what issues will make a difference in regards to what you want to achieve. Toss and turn the arguments. Ask someone to be your sounding board, to ask you bold questions so you will reach the insight on what is important.

5. Focus on the right level

When you have chosen what to focus on, next step will be to decide on what level to focus if you want to be on. Stay away from the details, the drama and the problems. Instead, focus on the solutions and the visions.

When I coach my clients, focus is  – with almost no exception and regardless what the purpose is – something we come across. Most of my clients reach the insight that focus generates success.

Are you or your company stuck in a rut? Are you busy fool – working constantly but not getting the results you would like? Being a professional coach means I’m trained in and skilled at asking the right questions to help you identify what is important for you to focus on! And, with the right focus success will follow!

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