Change is good!

  I often hear the expression – ”If you do what you always have done you will get the same result”. I don’t agree with that. As the world around us change, we also have to change if we want to stay in the same place. If we also want to develop, it is even … More →

Right focus generates success

  There is lot of research on how our brain impacts our behavior, but also on how to use that knowledge to support us. We are using this knowledge about the brain when coaching to reach the goals and to obtain desired results. There is a consensus in the research showing that having focus, and … More →

What can a coach do for me?

The coaching process really fascinating, as it firmly believes the client is holding the answers. The role of the coach is to facilitate new thinking, to create time and space that allows the client to think outside the box. Or, as I would say ”Never mind the box”: Me, and my coaching questions guide the … More →

Once Upon a Time, or; When I Started My First Business

Last month I had the opportunity again to visit Edmonton, Canada, where we lived for five years in the nineties. It is always a pleasure coming back. I feel so fortunate to know so many Canadians that I truly can call my friends. Whenever we meet, it’s like we saw each other last week. Of … More →

The Good Karma Coach

I was coaching a small business owner a while ago, Penny. She came to me because she was frustrated that her business didn’t take off as she would like it to, in spite of all the hours she put in to it. Penny decided our main focus in the coaching was to identify “Dream clients” … More →

Coaching – not only for Olympians!

In the beginning of my coaching career, I had the opportunity to listen to Adrian Moorehouse, the UK Olympic Swimmer. The topic was “How to maximise performance to achieve business growth”. In an analogy, he took his own experience as an Olympic swimmer to understand how you can achieve so much more in business and your … More →

Focus on What You Can Control!

Recently me and my husband were in Sri Lanka. One of the fantastic sights we did visit was the Citadel of Sigirya – Lion Rock, an ancient palace on top of an enormous rock. There are 1202 steps to get to the top. Rock steps, metal stairs, bridges and so on. As I’m not too … More →