Focus on What You Can Control!

aerial_view_showing_topRecently me and my husband were in Sri Lanka. One of the fantastic sights we did visit was the Citadel of Sigirya – Lion Rock, an ancient palace on top of an enormous rock. There are 1202 steps to get to the top. Rock steps, metal stairs, bridges and so on.

As I’m not too keen on heights, it was a big challenge. This is when my husband – then turned into a coach – asked me;

”So, what can you actually control here?”

”Well, I guess where I put my feet and what I hold on to”, I answered.

”And, what is out of your control?”, he continued.

”Hm, the height, steep mountain sides, wobbly stairs and so on.”

“What conclusion can you draw from that?” he said.

”That I should focus on myself?”

”So if I may clarify –  What you can control, is where you put your feet – your only worry is to focus on making each and every step a safe one”.

Yes, we made it safely both up and down without incidents. It was well worth the effort – what a fantastic view!

To focus on what you can control is not only important when climbing a mountain. It is equally important in your work or private life. It is so easy to get hung up on what other people are doing – or not doing. Sometimes we need to stop and analyse our own behaviour. This story might seem simple, but is a good lesson in how to use your own resources.

Working with a coach will help you clarify where your focus is – and if it’s not on things you can control, you will now have the insight to change it towards things you actually can control!

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