Change is good!

Personal development


I often hear the expression – ”If you do what you always have done you will get the same result”. I don’t agree with that. As the world around us change, we also have to change if we want to stay in the same place. If we also want to develop, it is even more important to change our behavior and our actions.

That’s why change to me is something good. It creates movement. It moves you forward. It’s promising a future.

Having said that, change is not always easy – or even welcome. We, as human beings and our brains, try to get as much of our behaviours as possible to be a habit. This way we conserve our energy, and not to mention the capacity of our brain. When behaviour has become a habit, we don’t have to use the frontal lobe – our working memory – to process the task. This capacity is needed for deep thinking and for creating new ideas. We are reluctant to change as it means we have to stay away from what is safe and well known and choose something that is new and unfamiliar. It takes energy, guts and this is not the easy way.

Now you don’t always have the privilege to choose when you want to change. New management, new opportunities, a new job, new owners, new circumstances, new challenges and so forth can trigger change.

The good news is that new habits can easily be hard wired. By being persistent, having the right support and encouragement the new behavior is soon familiar. A professional coach is a good ally when facing these changes.

A coach helps you to identify your own values and ambitions. By recognising your strengths you may see things from a different perspective, thinking ‘outside the box’ to create new ways to reach your goals. If your goals change, a coach is there to help you to hardwire new habits to achieve them.

I have a good track record coaching managers and leaders on all levels guiding and giving them the tools in the process leading to be where they want to be. Whether it is leadership issues, time management, communication skills, career planning, career change, team management, identifying values, creating a life work balance you are up against, or just to have a non-judgemental sounding board, I’ll be there to support you.