About Susanne

New goals

Being part of someone’s journey towards new exciting goals and watching the individual achieve full potential is a true privilege. It is something Susanne is passionate about.

But that is nothing compared to the achievements of the people she coaches:  to finally be in control of your actions and reach goals beyond your wildest expectations!

Coaching is a scientifically proven, efficient tool to identify your potential and strengthen leadership skills.  It is pure science, and works like magic.

Coaching model

Susanne trained and qualified as a Results Certified Coach with Results Coaching Systems, London UK. The basis of this coaching approach is to know how the brain works e.g. how we react to change, how we find solutions and how to hard-wire new habits. This delivers a successful coaching process with positive, lasting results.

Certified ICF Coach

The International Coach Federation (ICF) demands high levels of experience and training before bestowing certified status.  As an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Susanne has achieved these standards and has pledged to follow ICF ethics, including continuous training for self-development. Certification is reviewed every three years.


With twenty-five years experience in the corporate world, as financial director of a PLC and a member organization, Susanne has extensive understanding of management roles.  Her experience is a positive asset when coaching leaders and team.

Having lived in Sweden, Canada and the UK, she is also adept at coping with new environments.

Her dedication to coaching is a major factor in the success of the many individuals and teams she coaches.


Susanne is based in Stockholm Sweden. She is coaching both in Swedish and English, in person, via telephone, Zoom or any other platform.